Own An HFH Home

Families interested in applying to become a Habitat partner family should come to the Arkansas Valley Habitat for Humanity office at 421 Towson Avenue in Fort Smith to fill out an application.  Once the application is returned, an appointment is made with CCOA (at no cost to the applicant) for a credit report.  A complete file is submitted to the Family Selection Committee for review.  If they determine that the family is in need and has acceptable credit, then a home visit is scheduled.  After the home visit, potential partner families are recommended to the AVHFH Board of Directors for final selection            .

Basic Family Selection Guidelines


  1. You are living in conditions that are inadequate, substandard, unsafe or overcrowded.

  2. You have an acceptable credit rating and are able to make monthly payments of $350-$450.

  3. You have had a steady income for at least one year.

  4. You have lived in the River Valley for at least one year.

  5. You have good references.

  6. You are willing to work the required "sweat equity" hours as part of your down payment.

  7. You are willing to attend Workshops on home ownership, financial fitness and other topics.

  8. You are willing to assist Habitat continue its mission after building is completed.

  9. Your family meets U.S. Government low income guidelines and is ineligible for conventional home financing.  Refer to the chart below for Income and Family guidelines.

Family Size

Income Level


$  14,500—38,700













If you think you meet the criteria to become a Habitat homeowner, stop by our office in the ReStore, located at 421 Towson Avenue, or call us at 479-782-8255 for more information.

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